Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart


Best of 2012

Well, there were so many pics from 2012. It was very difficult to select pictures. Here, some our fave pics. This year was so weird. Good things and bad things. But we should focus only good things. If we are positive, life will be good with us ;) I hope we will get cute RK pics and 2013 will be good for them and us :) Happy New Year guys. Btw, we’ve been tagged by beautiful and lovely rkcircus <3

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 “God, I can’t even tell you, so annoying. Erm, hmmm…. I spent my last two New Years here, and both of them were fucking incredible” - Kristen on her favorite London memory.

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"He's perfect in the way that he loves her... If anybody ever made me feel like that. I'd probably would be like..."

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